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Hesselberg Hydro

Feasibility Studies & Design

Hesselberg Hydro is one of only a few companies which specialise in the use of asphalt in hydraulic engineering. Whilst the amount of literature on the subject has increased over the years – we are often asked to advise on the possible uses of our products where erosion or scour problems occur.

We have the experience and expertise to assess a wide range of erosion & scour problems and advise on the design & installation of our systems so that clients can assess their suitability. In remote areas we may need to assess the suitability of locally available materials. We are able to achieve this within our laboratories, and have a programme of research & development to further increase our knowledge of our materials & their application.

Hesselberg Hydro is able to carry out inspections of existing asphaltic structures to advise on any maintenance requirements to ensure long-term integrity of the installations.

The 4 main types of services offered are as follows: