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Hesselberg Hydro

Queen’s Valley Reservoir, Jersey

Asphalt Concrete Core

The reservoir and dam, situated at the eastern end of Jersey in the Channel Islands, was designed by consulting engineers, Watson Hawksley to increase the natural yield of the existing system operated by The Jersey New Waterworks Co. Ltd. The key to progress of the main dam – the asphaltic concrete core – was constructed by Hesselberg Hydro.

Queen's Valley Reservoir
  • Main impounding reservoir with a 200m long rockfill embankment dam containing a central asphaltic concrete core, 25m high and 600mm wide
  • An intermediate rockfill dam with an upstream concrete membrane, and a silt pond
  • Maximum quality control achieved with on-site laboratory and batching plant
  • Third generation specialist paver used for installation
  • Impounding of both reservoirs achieved in late 1991
  • During its 15+ year operation the leakage monitoring has indicated that the lining has performed exceptionally well – comfortably exceeding the design criteria