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Hesselberg Hydro

Europort, Port of Rotterdam Harbour


The Port of Rotterdam Harbour Authorities commissioned deepening of the bottom profile of the container terminal adjacent to 1,330 m of quay wall in Europeharbour, part of Europort.

The existing scour protection consisted of 1.1m of rock.  By replacing this rock with a 0.20m thick mattress of Open Stone Asphalt, the depth in front of the quay wall was increased without reducing the stability of the sheet piled quay wall.

Using OSA mattresses in this situation is a new application for a technology established in coastal engineering.  The mattress thickness depends on the hydraulic loads developed by the propellers.

Installation had to mesh with the facility’s complex logistics in which shipping activities took precedence in a terminal operating 24/7/52. Working on sections of quay as they became available depended upon close co-operation with the container operator’s planning department. Separating production and installation was a key to meeting deadlines. OSA mattresses – pre-fabricated on pontoons at a nearby harbour – were ready for the next installation opportunity.