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Hesselberg Hydro

Eidisvatn & Villingadalur Dams, Faroe Islands

Asphalt Concrete Linings

On average, it rains three days out of four on the remote north Atlantic islands of the Faroes. So, why the need for reservoirs? Well, on such rocky terrain, run-off to the sea is rapid, hence the Villingadalur dam was built to retain supplies for peak demand. Eidisvatn, on the other hand, produces hydro electric power.

Hesselberg Hydro provided the frontal asphalt lining of the embankment dams for our clients – Landsverkfrodingurin at Villingadalur, and SEV Electricity Board at Eidisvatn.

As one of its earliest ventures in dam lining, the project was something of a ‘baptism by fire’ for Hesselberg Hydro because of the extremely inclement weather. But in spite of frequent gale force winds, persistent fog, and rain on most days, the work went on. Former site manager for the project, Niek Leguit, now Hesselberg Hydro’s director in Holland says, “working successfully in such arduous conditions, and delivering on time has given the company the confidence to tackle the most demanding jobs.”