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Hesselberg Hydro

Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk

Caister on Sea

This 1986 Phase 2 contract awarded by Great Yarmouth Borough Council – Hesselberg Hydro’s first major project in the UK – followed earlier work by our Dutch counterpart, Bitumarin bv. in 1978.

The existing seawall was beyond its serviceable life, leaving properties at ever greater risk from flooding. Generally, phase 1 works had performed well, so the construction was extended along the beach.

Caister on Sea
  • 300mm OSA main revetment placed on 150mm LSA filter layer
  • Solid LSA key at toe increased stability of slope
  • Toe protected with either a mastic asphalt slab or grouted stone, or a combination
  • Asphaltic concrete promenade installed on crest
  • Short revetment of OSA on geotextile protected dunes behind from erosion by wave run-up
  • On site mixing of materials

To date the revetment is performing well.