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Hesselberg Hydro


Hesselberg Hydro was formed in 1986 to focus on the dam waterproofing market with hydraulic asphalt. The company’s management had previously worked on coastal projects in the Netherlands so it wasn’t long for their dam clients to benefit from the use of hydraulic asphalt to solve their dams’ erosion protection problems too. Permeable asphaltic erosion protection was first used to protect the upstream face of a dam in 1991, and on a spillway in 2001 – both projects were for Yorkshire Water. Since these first projects, we have successfully completed many projects for nearly all of the UK’s water companies. Open Stone Asphalt (OSA) is typically used although Bituminous Grout has also been used to upgrade an existing rip-rap upstream face revetment in Scotland. Extensive testing on leachate from asphalt has concluded that any compounds found in the water are in concentrations that are well within the European limits for potable water, and initial concerns over visual impact have been allayed as the asphaltic materials soon blend in with the natural environment.

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