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Hesselberg Hydro

Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, Marsden, West Yorkshire

Erosion protection to spillway channel

Blackmoorfoot Reservoir

Blackmoorfoor Reservoir is a raw water catchment reservoir. During extreme rainfall events a significant discharge of water flows down the spillway. Beyond the spillway there was an open channel which was being eroded by the high flows.

The solution was to re-profile the channel to the trapezoidal shape of the spillway channel and line it with 200mm Open Stone Asphalt. A filter layer of geotextile was placed beneath the OSA.

Blackmoorfoot Reservoir


  • Low level flow capacity provided by pipes beneath erosion protection
  • Main channel protected with 200mm OSA placed on geotextile
  • Topsoil brushed into surface of OSA to promote establishment of vegetation over OSA