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Hesselberg Hydro

Research and Development

At Hesselberg Hydro we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to solving specific problems and on our commitment to extending the knowledge base on materials behaviour and construction techniques.

We have research and development facilities both in the UK and in Holland, together with a mobile laboratory for on-site use. For more complex research projects we have use of the facilities of Ooms bv in The Netherlands. As a world-leader in the development of modified bitumens, their laboratories are fully equipped to carry out extensive testing on a whole range of asphalt and bitumen.

As a result of our research programmes we have developed an award-winning, patented new material for the off-shore industry, and have helped to develop new design guidelines for OSA spillways.

Our current research is focussed on environmental issues, and in particular the use of locally-won and re-cycled materials, and also ways to reduce the embodied energy in our products.

Research and Development Projects