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Hesselberg Hydro

Leaders in scour protection for ports and harbours

Approaches to many of the big European ports in Holland, Belgium and Germany incorporate asphaltic materials in their coastal defences. Our links with the port authorities arising from such work have led to several scour protection contracts.

European ports are experiencing a period of rapid growth and as the vessels increase in size and draft, so the ports have to increase the size and depths of their quays.

Hesselberg Hydro has developed the use of Open Stone Asphalt mattresses and Grouted Rock to provide scour protection to both new and existing port facilities.

For work on new quays Open Stone Asphalt mattresses or grouted rock layers provide a relatively thin, robust and cost-effective protection layer against propeller scour. The reduced thickness of protection can reduce pile and structure depths and reduce overall construction time. For existing quays, replacing existing loose-rock scour protection with mattresses gives greater quay water depth without having to strengthen/alter the existing quay walls, and the off-site production leads to minimal disruption to the quay’s commercial activities. Please click on the links below to review recent projects:

Please click on the links below to review recent projects: