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Hesselberg Hydro

Valpariso Port, Chile

Consultancy work for Quay deepening

The Port of Valparaiso has a quay which can accommodate ships with a draft up to 11.4m. Investigations to deepen the seabed by 2m were undertaken to enable the port to accommodate larger vessels.

A rock revetment beneath the main piled quay protects the original port structure and the land behind the quay. To deepen the port would result in the rock revetment slope being increased or being replaced with a vertical wall. Steepening the revetment was the preferred option as it would be quicker and cause significantly less disruption to the busy port.

With much experience in grouted rock and placing mastic underwater, Hesselberg Hydro were invited to assess the options available and the suitability of locally available materials and resources.

Proposals included a grouted rock slope and scour protection at the toe.